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News Corp and Seven West Media WA have partnered with Mr Fothergill’s to give your school a chance to win an amazing prize, $750 worth of gardening equipment to start your very own School Veggie Patch!

From Saturday August 25 to Sunday September 9, the school that collects the most My Little Seed Garden growing kit wrappers per enrolled student wins! Scores will be calculated on a proportional basis to the number of students who attend your school, so everybody has an equal chance of winning. Enter the My Little Seed Garden growing kit wrappers below along with your details for your chance to win!

How to Get Involved

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Veggie Patch

Collect as many My Little Seed Garden growing kit wrappers as you can between Saturday, August 25 to Sunday, September 9 and return them to your school. Your school can then count the number of wrappers and enter the total through the entry form on the right hand side.

Return the growing kits by Friday September 14, 2018. Enter by Friday September 21, 2018 for a chance to win! Only one submission per school is permitted so schools need to make sure they collect and count all of the wrappers for the school before entering!